The sync engine for integrations

Bi-directional integrations done right between your SaaS application and other platforms. Deliver the integrations your customers are asking for in no time.
We built Lightyear as a comprehensive platform for integrating your SaaS application with other platforms. Our sync engine handles bi-directional integrations perfectly, so you can quickly deliver the features your customers are asking for. Lightyear ensures smooth, reliable, and fast integrations that elevate your app’s performance.

With managed connectors and seamless bi-directional sync, Lightyear has everything you need. It’s all defined in code, allowing you to leverage your existing development tools and maintain consistency with the rest of your product. Join the YES code revolution with Lightyear and transform your integrations effortlessly.
Native bi-directional sync with unified API schemas
  • Full & incremental sync
  • Matching
  • Duplicate handling
  • Delete detection
Out of the box connectors with full customization
  • Built-in apps
  • Custom apps
  • Webhooks
  • Rate limits
Full support for managed users in your app
  • OAuth & API keys
  • Token refresh
  • User settings
  • Status endpoint